Thursday, July 18, 2013

Corset Apron Design fo So Cal Shop Hop

 This year's Shop Hop theme is What's Cooking.  So this year we are decorating canvas aprons.  It took me a while to decide what to do; There are alot of cool things you can do with aprons.  I decided I wanted to go steampunk since I like that style and would be more likely to wear it again.  Then I got some inspiration from a Betsey Johnson tee shirt with a corset drawn on it,  So my final idea was a hand draw steam punk corset.

First thisng was to sketch out the corset on the apron.  I used the back of the apron because I didnt want to pockets in the middle of the corset.  I then went over my lines with a brown paint pen and started a bit of shading that would create depth.  To fit with the the steam punk theme I filled in the seams and boning with a copper gilding pen.

I then filled in the "fabric" part of the corset with an olive green paint pen.  I also added a necklace to the top of the apron and began filling in the background black.  This took several Sharpie markers.  I recommend the "magnum" for this much coverage.

 After I finished coloring/painting, I covered the edge of the apron and the neck strap in a faux suede.  I also added grommets down the corset front which I laced with green ribbon decorated in peacock feathers.  I decided to replace the drawing of a necklace with one made of a cameo embellishment and some bling. I think it looked way better.

 I added a glass bead fringed ribbon to the bottom of the corset. and re gilded all the boning and edges with the copper pen.  For finishing touches I added some steampunk themed embellishments like keys. gears and butterflies. I also replaced the tie with the green peacock ribbon.

 Finished apron.

Hope you enjoyed my So Cal Shop Hop apron project.  It was sure fun to make and I think it came out super cute.  I wonder what I will make next year....