Sunday, August 11, 2013

A Horse of a Different Color: New Oz album with G45 "Magic of Oz" & Leaky Shed Chipboard!!

We are journeying over the rainbow once again for an album full of Graphic 45's Magic of Oz paper. One of my oldest friends loves the Wizard of Oz and I want to make a very special album as a gift.  This time I am altering a Leaky Shed Emerald City chip board album.  I ordered this album with some matching etched chipboard embellishments a while back (like a year ago);  I think Leaky Shed still makes it.  Ask your local store if they can order it because it is pretty darned cool.
I started by altering the pages of the ablum to be a little more unique and interactive by adding flaps. I then covered each page with the gorgeous G45 paper.  To do this I traced the shape of the chipboard onto the paper (doing it backwards on back of paper where possible)  And trimmed then sanded/filed away the overhang.
On the front cover is the green "Emerald City" paper.  This album  comes with doors , I covered them with "Parcel Post." 
I really wanted the doors to open and close, so  I used a set of Tim Holtz' Idea-ology hinges. The brads provided won't go through the thick chipboard, so I used 3 in 1 glue. (Let it sit overnight) I also added a latch.
For the chip board letters I painted them in a thick coat od Viva Decor crackle paint in gold.  When it was dry I buffed in some InkaGold in lime green.  The final embellishments added to the cover were some Jeweled brads (green of course) and some green rhinestones.
On the back of the front cover I used the "Munchkins" paper.  Using the text on the door and the munchkins on the rest of the page.  I also added a line of brass colored faux brads around the arch of the door.  On the next page, I lined up Dorothy and Scarecrow to the front door using a quadrant from the "There's No Place Like Home". The background is the bubbles from the "Poppy Fields" paper.
I covered the back of page two with the character side from the "Yellow Brick Road" paper .  At the bottom I added a "pocket" with a strip of card from the "Journey to Oz" 8x8 paper.  I added a couple of tags into the pocket, one curved with  the poppies from "Poppy Fields" and the "Emerald City paper on back with stamps from "Parcel Post" and a pointed one with gingham from "Yellow Brick Road" and the slippers side of the "No Place Like Home" paper.
Page three has a flap added to it, I covered the front side in the Oz lettering from the "Scatterbrained Scarecrow" paper.  I added a copper color die cut embellishment by leaky shed of the Scarecrow. (These also seem to be made to match the Magic of Oz.) The outside of the added flap and main page are cover with the hearts from "Tenderhearted Tin Man."  And have a silver Tin man embellishment by Leaky Shed and Cowardly Lion stamp.
The back of the third page is covered with the ruby slippers pattern ("No Place like Home") and a fussy cut one from reverse side.  The next page is the tall silhouette of the Emerald City and the center of the book. I covered this in the green stripes from "Parcel Post." I added different sized green rhinestone bling on the top "pillars."  I used the same tracing, trimming and filing method that I used on the cover to get the shape right. I added two over lapping flaps.  The front one has the "Emerald City" paper with more green bling and a green pom pom ribbon across the bottom.
 The back of the flap is in the "Tenderhearted Tin Man."  The underneath flap has the newspaper side of the "Goblin Gazette" on one side and the cards from "Journey to Oz" on the back.
 The back of the city silhouette has the Oz lettering from the "Scatterbrained Scarecrow." There are some carer rhinestones added to the tops of the "pillars."  At the bottom I ,made a pocket from the "Munchkins" paper with a fussy cut edge at the top.  I added two tags that I had made for a different OZ album that didn't work out. (long story, lol)  So I honestly don't remember what the pink or gingham paper brands or lines are, I'm sorry.  On page six I added two flaps that I shaped into folder type tabs using the We R Memory Keepers envelope punch.  I added a simple woven ribbon tie to them. 
The base page is the blue gingham ("Yellow Brick Road") with a fussy cut Dorothy. The inner tab has hearts ("Tenderhearted Tin Man") and a fussy cut Tin Man on one side and "Yellow Brick Road" on the back. The front tab has the "Goblin Gazette" with a card from "Journey to Oz" on one side and the writing from "Munchkins" with a couple fussy cut munchkins on the other.
 The back of page six has the stamps from "Parcel Post" with the Leaky Shed Cowardly Lion embelly. The next page (7) has the striped side of "Parcel Post" covering it.  
 This is another page that has an added flap panel.  I covered the outside of the flap with the Scarecrow and Tin Man from the "There's No Place Like Home" paper.
 The inside of the flaps are in the "Emerald City" paper with a fussy cut Scarecrow and the words "There's no place like home" across it.  Page eight has cards from the 12x12 and 8x8 "Journey to Oz" paper.  I used one at the top of the page to change the shape of the page.
The back of page eight features the Wicked Witch.  I used the "Wicked" paper with fussy cut clocks from reverse as embellishments.   The next page is a pre-made chipboard tag I added to the album.  It has the Oz lettering from the "Goblin Gazette"  with the witch feet from "There's No Place Like home fussy cut on it.
The back of the tag has the "Tenderhearted" hearts and a fussy cut Wizard. I added some red and yellow ribbons.  I added a large page to the back so that the silhouette of the Emerald City was highlighted.  To create contrast I used the poppy paper over the whole piece and added the  Scroll work title from the "Magic of Oz" paper. 
 For the back of the album, I decided to go simple with a sheet of the Goblin Gazette.
I was really happy with how this min turned out and I think my friend really like receiving it as a gift.   The leaky shed album and embellishments were a great platform for the amazing Magic of Oz papers in 12x12 and 8x8 (one of my absolute faves!)

I apologize for the meh photos, I ended up taking them with my phone at my friends house.

2013 So Cal Shop Hop

Had another fun and awesome So Cal Shop Hop Adventure!  Rosie and I visited all the awesome crafting stores and had a great time! If you are a Facebook friend of mine I am sure you saw all the great photos. 
This one is my favorite!

If you live in or near Southern California maybe I will see you in my Shop Hop journey next year, its a BLAST - Craft stores with discounts and contests, what more could you want?!?