Thursday, February 28, 2013

News and recent event in my crafting life......--UPDATED

1.  Southern California Shop Hop tickets go on sale tomorrow!!  If you buy your passport or bring a passport from a previous Hop many stores will give you a 20% discount this weekend!  Check out the So Cal Shop Hop 2013 Facebook page.

2.  I will be teaching a class (my first one) at Perfect Day Scrapbooking in Huntington Beach on Wed, March 13.  It is from 6-9pm and will cost $32.00.  I will show you how to make a mini album that features Carts Bella's Well Traveled paper.  It will have all sorts of cool stuff like envelopes, file folders and embossing techniques.  I will post pictures of the full mini album soon.

Check out the Perfect Day Website for more info and other upcoming classes

3.   I am working on a few really fun projects and hopefully (knock wood) I will have them all done and shared here on the blog before March 22nd!  Wish me luck

UPDATE...Due to unforeseen circumstances (paper is slow in arriving) my class has been postponed.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Multimedia Class- Splash of Color!

Yesterday I got to go to Splash of Color in Huntington Beach, CA and take a class taught by Marah Johnson.  Splash of Color is a merge of Creative Imaginations and Viva Decor.  The class was about multimedia techniques, particularly those using their new Silks acrylic glazes.  We made a collage board that can be used as a display for the items we used.  (I gave Rachel mine to put in the store.)

The Silks were pretty awesome.  The were sheer and iridescent, but were smooth and didn't make the paper go all wavy.  They also mixed well with gesso.  I also really liked the Inka Gold products.  It was so simple to add some shiny gold or other metallic to a project with just a swipe.  The Splash od color crackle was cool too- its like a paste not a paint, they also make a base for it.  The base lets it be sticky in the "cracks" so you can add Perfect Pearls or maybe glitter.

I had a really nice time and met alot of local Southern CA store owners.  It was also pretty cool to meet Marah Johnson, If you go back to my first post I think I used at least 2 of the Creative Imaginations papers she designed.

Now to get my havds on some gold crackle and a couple - few Silks and dress up my sketchbook cover.....