Thursday, August 21, 2014

My Version of the MDM using G45 Couture & Typography Goes to Moscow

Recently, I had a chance to make a gift for a friend of mine who lives in Moscow, Russia. Since she has never seen any of my paper crafting in person, I wanted to make something special. I decided to make a version of Kathy Orta's My Design Mini album and use Graphic 45's Couture and Typography lines.

I picked the MDM album because it has customizable options, but does not look too complex or overwhelming for someone who doesn't scrapbook. Also it was a new tutorial for me and looked like fun to make. Couture by G45 was my first thought for paper because my friend is stylish and the colors and feel of the paper suit her style. As I worked on the project and realized I need more pspers, I added the Typography line (also G45) into the mix.
I really like the My Design Mini and the idea of having a tutorial that can be customized to different projects. What a great concept! To get the MDM tutorial click here. To order the EKC #12 with MDM included click here.
Since I did not create the MDM design, I don' t feel right posting images of the book in progress. So we will skip right to dessert with pictures and a video link of the completed album.


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