Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Decking the halls

Continuing with my Crafty Christmas theme, I have been making some paper flowers and turning them into wreaths and bouquets for decorations and gifts.

I learned how to make the flowers at Perfect Day Scrapbooking's all day black Friday crop from a very nice lady.  This you tube video shows how to make a similar flower.  I used 4 inch squares of paper and instead of folding the two side triangles down with the "back pattern" showing, I just folded it the opposite way.  Also I used a low temp hot glue gun not the tombow multi glue.I also used from heavy to thin weights of paper, a medium weight seems to work best.

A bag of folded "petals" ready to be glued together

Some of the flowers in bouquets.  I used faux pearls and colored beads in the centers and glitter glue along the edges of the petals.  Ranger's stickles and Viva Decor glitter liner worked best.

 The wreath I made for our apartment. Snowflakes are my decorating theme this year.  The following are wreaths I made as gifts.  I was really happy with how they looked.

I will post later about how I am doing my gift wrapping and cards.  Hope your holidays are merry!

P.S. If you want written directions I have a pdf I can email, just drop me a note at

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