Thursday, March 21, 2013

G45's The Magic of OZ - Altoid Tin Mini

So, the other day I was browsing the shelves at 7-ll (as we all do from time to time) and I notice this adorable heart shaped Altoids tin. So I buy it (OK, I bought 2.) But what to do with it? Heart. Tin. Heart. Tin. Tin man! I should make a Wizard of Oz mini. And so I got out my Magic of Oz paper and get to work.
First thing is first and I dump all the mints out into a baggie. And I notice that instead of the usual folds of paper on top of the mints there are little card board inserts. And yes you guessed it I used those as my template to make all the heart shapes in this project.  In a couple of spots I had to shrink or grow the heart slightly, but never enough to be a problem.  I glued the shoes paper to the front of the tin leaving the red border showing around the paper. (I used a liquid glue.)
I bent the hinges so that I could remove the lid and put a blue gingham fabric tape around the bottom edge of the tin.I wrapped it around so the seam was hard to see and cut slits in the tape for the hinges to reattach. On the inside of the lid I added red and white polka dot fabric tape to the edge.
I added a slightly larger than the template heart in the 8x8 sized poppy paper and then layered a smaller than the template heart in the small tin man heart paper over top. Remember that the heart is upside down on the inside of the lid.  I trimmed down a chipboard tag with the ruby slippers that says " There's no place like home." and glued it to the center.  I added some plastic poppies I had found in an embellishment bar.  
Meanwhile, I had glued a Dorothy to a plain black cardstock and fussy cut her out.  The card stock was to strengthen the paper when it stuck out over the edge of the tin.I added some red Stickles glitter to D's bow ad trimmed her legs to fit the edge of the lid.  Below her pointing finger I added the word OZ in gold jewelry box Thickers.
To start assembling the mini book, I glued the hearts I cut out of the 8x9 Magic of OZ together in twos. I tried to put like paper together , but in the end it was a bit random.  Afterwards I went back with scissors or a distress sander and evened up the edges. After I had all my hearts glued together (there should be one singleton for the base that will be glued into bottom of the tin) I used a small hole punch on either edge of the hearts.
I then attached the hearts with larger sized jump rings, like you would use for jewelry.  I glued the last paper heart to the base of the tin, so the string of hearts was attached to the tin. And now I began decorating. I lined one side of each heart with glitter. After that dried I added fussy cut characters, more glitter and a couple chipboard tags. (This is another place whee thinning the chipboard is helpful
Wgen I got to the very last heart, the one glued to the bottom, I added a fusst cut of the stamped image of the word "home" from the matching g45 stamps.

I really adore this album and am already thinking about what I can do with the second tin!

Materials Used:
Paper: Graphic 45 The Magic of OZ (8x8, chipboard tags)
Inks, Glitter & Paint: Various colors of Stickles
Other: Plastic poppies, small doilies, red rhinestones, G45 Magic of OZ stamps

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