Friday, March 20, 2015

G45 Precious Memories Shadow Box

I really enjoy how this project came out. I think it is very pretty, fanciful and fun, just like a project about these silly sweet and beautiful kiddos should be. (It started out a wee bit different. read about that here.) I wanted to make a wall or window hanging decor piece that could hang in almost any room.

I began with the cream, four windowed Graphic 45 shadow box. And to decorate I used G45 Precious Memories papers and some Prima embellishments. First, i lined two of the inner windows with the Sugar & Spice and Puppy Dog Tails papers. I love these little paper doll baby outfits. How darned cute.

In fact, I liked how these papers looked so much that I added it around the out side edge too.
I then used the pink and blue floral paterns from the Cherish and Patty cake designs to line the last two inside boxes. On the front, I used the plain pattern from Cuddle time. I then cut 1/2 inch strips of the hearts from Cutie pie and centered them in the frame. I added small chip board pieces to the corners.

On the top and bottom of the frame I added the phrases from Puppy Dog Tails (Snips and snails....) and Sugar & Spice (Sugar and spice....) I really like how these finish off the front of the shadow box.
I added some ribbon to the sides for hanging the shadowbox. I chose a pink and white stripe and layered a blue check over it.

I then began to work with the flowers. To start, I punched hydrangea blossoms using the Martha Stewart punch. I really just used the selvage from the paper I used to cover the frame. I bent/rounded the petals after punching.

I started in the corners by the ribbon and added bigger flowers from Prima's Butterfly and Watercolor collections. Then I began surrounding the lager flowers with the ones I punched and a few smaller Prima flowers.

I added flowers around all four outside corners. Since the piece will be hanging, I didn't have to worry about the bottom being flat. In the top corners, where the bigger flowers are, I added two of the vellum butterflies by Prima. These look so weirdly real that they seem like they could move.

After finishing the decoration on the outside, it was time to work on the focal points on the inside. I chose some pictures of the two amazing kids. (Photos were taken by xxx for a friend.) And printed and fussy cut out the figures. I played around with which boxes to place them in, then glued the photos directly to the back acrylic piece.

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