Sunday, March 22, 2015

Old Style Gramophone Box with Graphic 45 Curtain Call paper

This project started off as an idea I got at the 2015 CHA. At the Sizzix Eclips booth, they were building 3D items, like an Iron Man mask. I found out that they had created the objects in a 3D modelling program (like Max or Maya) and flattened it out (unwrapped) for cutting. Well considering my degree is in Game Art & Design this sounded VERY exciting!


So, I dusted off my modelling skills. And created a very simple model of the speaker horn. And after a few false starts I unwrapped my model and cut it on the Eclips. I was pretty happy with how this worked overall. But I did not make the best pattern when I unwrapped the model, so the base of the cone needed extra support. Which it got via a cardboard cone (which got a copper metal jacket) and apiece of copper piping.

After creating my cone, I went ahead and made the base cabinet for the Gramophone. I decided I wanted to make a drawer unit and built a 9 x 9 x 4.5 box with three sides. I then made a slightly smaller bow sans top to be the drawer. (I used medium weight chipboard for all my construction.)

At the bottom I added a second box that was 10 x 10 x 1 that I attached to the bottom of the open sided box as both support and extra decoration.

After I finished my basic construction, I began to decorate the box.  I decided on Graphic 45's Curtain Call paper because it suited the vintage feel of an old time Gramophone and reflected the idea of music and dance in its patterns. Around the sides of the box I used a pattern of dancers interspersed with a geometric pattern. To get a little more dimension, I glued the top piece of pattern paper to some of the chipboard scraps and trimmed it with a slight border.

On the box top I used the beautiful peacock feather pattern. I added a "record" made up of polka dot and geometric patterned paper. I pop dotted the "45" to give it a little more height.

I used the same yellow geometric pattern as the label to line the drawer. And on the sides, I used the black and kraft colored music notes.

For the cone, I started with the music note paper. But when I looked at the size of the cone when placed on the box it seemed really small and unimpressive, I decided I needed to improve my speaker cone.  To do this, I added teardrop shaped petals to the inside of the original cone. I made these with black card stock adding a smaller teardrop of peacock feather paper on one side and the showgirl ladies on the other.

The new and improved cone looked much better and suited the size and shape of the base. (What a relief!) Now to attach the speaker and add embellishments.

To add the speaker I used a paint bottle lid that fit inside the copper piping. I first tried attaching the cone with E6000. But this glue was a bit too flexible. Instead I ended up using a hot glue gun and lots of glue.  But in the end it was attached well and stayed.

For embellishments, I added a matching G45 door knob, large brad and small brads to look like they could be the controls for the gramophone. I also added a clothespin colored with copper paint to match the metal on the speaker cone to be the needle on the record.

On the box base, I added a G45 drawer pull to the front for the drawer. I also added some G45 washi tape and  Prima Finnibar square brads to the lip of the base. And to finish the gramophone, at the bottom I added the new G45 claw feet. Oh My Gosh these feet are so cool looking; they add just the right amount of vintage. (Gotta get another set!)

I decided not to add alot of bling or extras because I felt like the speaker horn was so complex that it was best to keep the decorations on the simple side. And I really dont think the project needs a lot of bells whistles or sparkle added to it.  What do you think? does it need anything else?

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